Puppy Guarantee

Until 26 months of age, Sheyenne River Retrievers guarantees your puppy will achieve an OFA hip rating of fair or better. Hips must be x-rayed by a veterinarian according to OFA guidelines and the films submitted to the OFA. A copy of the films and OFA report must be provided to Sheyenne River Retrievers on or before the dog reaches 26 months of age, to make a claim on this guarantee. For bitches, radiographs must not be taken within 30 days before or after her heat cycle.

 Upon receipt of hip films and consultation with their own veterinarian, Sheyenne River Retrievers ,  reserves the right to a second opinion of their choosing of the dog’s hips, including another set of films, at the buyer’s expense. Please use an experienced, qualified veterinarian to do your OFA films.

Your Sheyenne River Retrievers puppy's eyes are guaranteed to pass a CAER (formerly CERF) exam. Exam must be performed by a certified veterinarian ophthalmologist according to CAER standards and proof there of supplied to Sheyenne River Retrievers, on or before the dog reaches 26 months of age. If dog is able to get a CAER number, including with breeder options, eye guarantee is fulfilled. Sheyenne River Retrievers, reserves the right to a second opinion of its choosing (at buyer’s expense) for any eye issue claimed.

Your puppy is guaranteed to not be affected by, CNM or EIC in its lifetime. Should there be an issue of puppy being affected and buyer tests their puppy for, EIC or CNM, such testing will be at buyer’s expense. ONLY test results from the University of Minnesota (for EIC), or Pawprint Genetics will be acceptable to Sheyenne River Retrievers. Should there be a test result of Affected for EIC or CNM, DNA testing of the dog will be required, at buyer’s expense, to prove it is the same dog, unless the testing veterinarian certifies in writing the microchip number of the dog and that microchip number matches with the one on record with Sheyenne River Retrievers.

Other requirements to qualify for a replacement puppy should the eyes/hips not receive an OFA/CERF clearance are:

  1. The puppy must have been fed a good quality puppy or all-life-stages type food until at least 12 months of age and be determined by a veterinarian not to be obese or otherwise improperly fed. Calcium supplements are highly discouraged as they may lead to too rapid and/or unhealthy growth.
  2. If the dog is not being returned to Sheyenne River Retrievers, said dog must be spayed or neutered at the owner's expense and proof from the veterinarian performing the procedure must be provided to Sheyenne River Retrievers.
  3. The dog must not have ever whelped/sired a litter.
  4. OFA/CERF exams must show no evidence of any acute/traumatic injury to the hip/eyes at issue which may have negatively affected the rating.
  5. Spay/neuter of your Rainmaker dog before 12 months of age voids this guarantee.

A replacement puppy of equal value as determined by purchase price of original puppy will be provided at the earliest date such puppy is available. The original puppy may stay with you and need not be returned to Sheyenne River Retrievers. Buyer is responsible for all charges incurred for shipment of the puppy/dog, if applicable. Should a higher priced puppy be chosen, buyer shall pay the difference from original puppy price. Should the situation arise that the buyer cannot keep their dog Sheyenne River Retrievers will make all reasonable efforts to help the buyer place the dog in another home and may, without compensation to the buyer, take the dog back at its discretion.