Birddog'sWetland Raider MH

Raider MH is a son of NAFC FC AFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade  and Molly B Ringo MH, He is 65 lbs of Drive and intelligence. Grady needs no introduction in the dog world, his accomplishment's speak for themselves. Raider has a lot of his Dads traits.AKC:SR82287301
DOB: 4/6/2014
CHIC#: 113252
OFA Eyes - Normal: LR-EYE5798/7M-VPI
OFA Hips - Good: LR-220421G24M-VPI
OFA Elbows - Normal: LR-EL72627M24-VPI
OFA Shoulders - Normal: LR-SH344M24-VPI
OFA Cardiac - Normal: LR-CA8481/15M/P-VPI
OFA Thyroid - Normal: LR-TH773/15M-VPI
EIC (Clear): LR-EIC3132/16M-VPI
CNM (Clear): LR-CNM1004/16M-VPI
PRA-pcrd (Clear): LR-PRA1342/28M-VPI
RD/OSD (Clear): LR-RDY321/16M-VPI
Cystinuria (Clear): LR-CY48/16M-VPI
HNPK (Clear): LR-HNP125/16M-VPI
Hyperuricosuria (Clear): LR-HU18/16M-VPI
Narcolepsy (Clear): LR-NAR78/16M-VPI
PKD (Clear): LR-PK8/16M-VPI
D Locus (DD Normal/ Clear): LR-DL327/27M-PI
Also tested Clear of :Degenerative Myelopathy, Skeletal Dysplasia 2 (SD2-dwarfism), Elliptocytosis, Myotubular myopathy 2 (MTM1), PRA-crd4 and GR-PRA2
Genotype: eeBBDD (Does not carry any hidden color, Dilute Free)
Weight: 60-65 pounds