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Sheyenne River Retrievers raises selectively bred Labrador Retriever puppies in the following colors: PuppyBlack, Yellow, and some with Fox Red coloring..

All of our sires and dams are selected for genetic soundness, working ability, intelligence, and proper conformation from among the top field trial and hunt test bloodlines available across the country.

We feel that by selecting only those dogs that possess strong working instincts, we are able to provide each of our clients with puppies that possess the ability to compete in field trials and hunt tests or become fine hunting companions.

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2017 Spring and Summer Litters

Litter 1
Bailie & Hunting Memories Tanner MH: Yellow Litter (Fox Reds)
Few spots remaining for this dark red litter
Whelping Date: July 16, 2017

Litter 2
Allie & Hunting Memories Tanner MH:
Yellows (Fox Reds)
8 pups whelped, we have 2 males left available
Whelping Date: May 20, 2017

Litter 3
Zingers Warrior Princess & Chip off the Old Stoney (Rocky)
8 pups whelped we have one black male available.
All Black Litter
Whelping Date: May 20, 2017

Litter 4
Stay tuned for exciting updates in the near future.



Beryl and Myself

2016 AKC National Obedience Championship
#1 Labrador Retriever at the National,  is a puppy out of our own Zingers Warrior Princess (Zena)
The  dog is owned, by Evelynn and John Schmidt,
OTCh Zingin' Southern Comfort JH  ** ("Caledonia")

The Story of Callie,

Callie earned her first points towards her obedience championship in March and completed that title by October. That's the fastest I have ever completed an OTCh title, and she is my 6th one. She also earned a perfect score in the hardest class along the way. Right after she finished, I fell and broke my arm near the shoulder, so we were out of commission for several months while that healed. I was determined to be rehabbed, though, because we were one of 8 Labs invited to the National Obedience Championship, held in Tulsa, this past March. There were 134 dogs entered from all over the country, and Goldens, Border Collies, and Labs were the most represented. We went and not only had a fabulous time, we placed third! Then when we got home, we showed locally, and she earned another perfect score, only the second perfect score that judge had ever awarded. And last weekend in Colorado, she won enough points to complete her second championship. Whew! She is on fire. What a fun girl she is.



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